Virtual Desktop

Establish more flexible work-style with Virtualised computing services.

Virtual Desktops

ComputerTronic will help you establish more flexibility with your modern work styles to adapt to the changing market with Virtualisation so they can help you maximise productivity, mobility and security in the digital age. We at ComputerTronic benchmark our devices. We integrate hybrid platforms and virtualise operating systems and applications. We take it very seriously at ComputerTronic that there’s no one size-fits-all for virtual desktop solutions. We work with our customers to consult and verify before recommending the most appropriate solutions that are fit for the purpose for our customers, and we leverage our work style analysis approach to profile users and their personas as well as the bottom line desired business outcome.

Thanks to our partners and with the breadth of expertise combining our industry knowledge, we understand the data storage, networking and applications implications of virtualised desktops, and offer our clients the best of breed solutions to ensure a seamless adoption and operations for our customers. We also support virtual, hybrid and traditional workplace environments with our comprehensive managed services.

But partnering with ComputerTronic, CIOs and CISO’s, CTO’s can do more than just virtualise the desktop: they can help their organisations become agile and digitalised and manage risk appropriately. This gives them the assurance with their Data security and management control of their operations. As new applications are easier to provision, but supporting in life is all-together another story. All of which means for your business is lower cost to consume technology and manage the risks accordingly.

We at ComputerTronic help our customers realise the full potential of virtualised desktop platform solutions, so they can enable their business and its users with more flexible work styles and workspaces.

What Virtualisation can do?

  • Deliver Virtual Desktops and Applications

    Transform static desktops into secure digital workspace and deliver a consistent personalised end user-experience virtual desktops and apps from a single control plane.

  • Management and Scale

    Multi-cloud deployments deliver scale and flexibility with a global entitlement layer and management services through a single, always-up-to-date cloud console.

  • Secure Data and Simplifies Compliance

    Secure remote access to corporate resources from any BYO or corporate device, across the network, to centrally hosted desktops and apps using vendor solutions.

  • Improves ROI

    Enable cost savings and business benefits with modernized operations that simplify management and hybrid and multi-cloud deployment options that help drive down cost.

  • Simplicity and Speed

    Transform legacy infrastructure with a platform that provides rapid desktop and app provisioning, complete API extensibility, and is built to securely support your future ready workforce.

  • Streamlined Access

    Simplify authentication across all desktop and app services with True SSO and contextual, granular, role-based policies that connect user, device and location information.

A little bit more info

You can download our virtual desktop solutions whitepaper here.

Take a look at our product sheet here.

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