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ComputerTronic helps you improve your Team collaboration and customer engagement.

We help our customers to accelerate their digital workplace journey with flexibility and providing our clients the working styles that are best suited to their business operations and ultimately deliver the effective collaborations amongst their employees, suppliers, partners and most importantly customers.

ComputerTronic Voice & Video communication solutions and services are focused on enriching our customers’ user experience to enable their business to grow.

We also offer maintenance and standardised managed services to ensure that our customers’ vital operations and their communication solution help them achieve resiliency and deliver consistent user experience.

ComputerTronic solutions can help your organisation to bring geographically dispersed teams together via our new digital channels helping you reduce costs and environmental impacts.

At ComputerTronic we provide access to remote experts on video and audio conferencing platforms to share latest news with digital tech, we help our customers to unlock new collaboration opportunities.

We can provide fast track adoption and implementation and ensure that our customers receive a rapid return on their investment, and assist with strategy definition, system integration and user training to achieve the ultimate goals and objectives of the business.

ComputerTronic video and voice solutions and services allow organisations to achieve competitive advantage with faster decision-making, greater agility and higher productivity.

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Routing telephone calls is easy With our Carrier Pre-Selection, calls are automatically routed via your chosen network.
Cost-effective, reliable and fully-managed

In the competitive world, it’s important to offer your customers choice it helps you inspire confidence and add value to business. With Carrier Pre-Selection we can offer our customers with voice solutions to route telephone calls. It’s a fully managed solution that saves money. 

Make it simple

CPS is fully automated, so there’s no need for new systems or equipment – we take care of everything. Callers won’t even need to dial a special prefix for their call to be routed via your chosen network. For all your business requirements reach out to us.

Comfort for you and your customers


Available with greater control

CPS is available to anyone with a BT line on a wide range of line types, including PSTN, ISDN, Featureline and Featureline Embark. We provide you with a monthly inventory report to help you manage your customer base.


Lower call costs & reliability

CPS is fully managed by BT, so you can be confident it's a proven, reliable solution. It's another alternative to 'smart' equipment or Least Cost Routing.


Built-in flexibility

You can choose which call types are re-routed and apply a CPS option to a line to suit you or your customers' calling profile.

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