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SD-WAN introduces a more secure, automated and application-aware managed WAN. With flexible access options and SLA’s to meet your business needs and outcomes.

WAN for Multi-Cloud helps Enterprise IT to meet the challenges with application experience, rapid scaling, higher complexity, rising costs and increasing cybersecurity risks. The solution delivers a consistent and agile network and security infrastructure that keeps up with the dynamic cloud environment across diverse clouds through cloud native integrations. With application aware traffic steering and high speed encryption, the solution leverages high bandwidth internet links to optimise spending on expensive direct connections.

Introducing SD-WAN

Building on CT networks service, our solutions introduces the next generation of network functionality. With dynamic application-aware routing, control and visibility. Allowing to inter-operate with both MPLS and internet simultaneously, enhancing the delivery of our network services.

Incorporating SDN technology for centralised management and control with end-to-end encryption, it provides an added layer of security. And, with a SD-WAN portal, it delivers end-to-end visibility and reporting of your applications and their performance in a single view.

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an approach our customer can take to networking that relies on distributed software to provide unprecedented Agility and Efficiency. Using SDN, it becomes much easier to Dynamically route traffic to and from newly provisioned Cloud service providers in response to a spike in service requests that the underlying network can just as quickly adapt to the new traffic patterns.

It also means that a service or platform can be quickly moved from one location to another and the SDN will just quickly update traffic flow rules in response to this change.

Increase Business Intelligence.
Because it is centrally controlled, the SDN solution approach allows organisations traffic to be routed much more efficiently and securely. Our SDN solutions on other hand, all changes are pushed out centrally to devices.
Cloud computing, Big Data, and Mobile computing.
We have the expertise to help build your future by sourcing the best of bread solutions to suit your business models to support growth in this uncertainty. Cloud computing, Data and Mobile is a most powerful technology.
How does SDN differ from traditional networking?
Where as traditional networking relies on network devices that coordinate with one another in a mostly decentralized manner, SDN centralizes the config and control of devices. The rising demand for cloud connectivity and Internet access.
Install faster and with less cost
Perhaps the most important thing we at ComputerTronic can do with the SDN solutions is the abstraction of control and forwarding planes. Reducing deployments costs and time to service.
Real time application experience
Enterprises can get robust security enforcement, ensure compliance and operate a seamless network with uniform policies while providing end users a reliable and superior application experience.
Digital transformation ecosystem
Take a faster route to smarter working and digital transformation. SD-WAN introduces a more secure, automated and application-aware managed WAN. Incorporating SDN technology for centralised management.

What's inside SD-WAN

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