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CT private networks

A private network is a highly secured wide area network (WAN). It links multiple geographically dispersed locations together with no limitations, offering rich, uninterruptible data and application availability across all locations within the private network.

Reflecting ct’s strong focus on cybersecurity, a private network has only one highly available entry point into the customer’s network from the public internet. This entry point is secured with advanced gateway technology from leading security manufacturer Fortinet.

Why chose CT

Time has changed

Technological Advancement
The world is moving at a fast-pace and technological advancements are occurring at an unprecedented pace.
Making A Difference
Our mission is to educate non-profits and SMEs on the important business-centric network and security processes.
A change in cybersecurity is needed, we assist organisations with transformations to help align the IT security function with other business Goals and Objectives and reduce your risks.
We engage with our customers to build their vision of the business leveraging the key Technology, Process, and most importantly People that are the key to any business operations. At ComputerTropnic we are Transformational not just Transactional.
Reporting Security Incident
Reporting security incidents plays an important role in enhancing the resilience of public communications networks. This enhances our ability to respond to future cases and strengthens our contingency plans and procedures.
Competitive Cost
ComputerTronic is made up of a group of specialist professionals, including vendor partnerships. Together, these brands are united by one common purpose; bringing skilled people together to build the future.

Is ComputerTronic network right for you?

Suits SMB & SME

CT Network was designed with Enterprise organisations in mind.
Future-proof your connectivity and security solutions and reduce your costs.

Welcome To The Future

Take a faster route to smarter working and digital transformation.
Add new digital services quickly and simply, without having to wait for a legacy WAN provider to catch up.

Complete ecosystem

The World is your Modern Workplace Now.
Redesigning new modern cloud networks and data centric security. ComputerTronic provides unrivaled NexGen IT solutions for your most critical operations in the history.

More info

Take a look at our Network Interactive Guide here to find out more about set up, implementation and how it supports Managed SD-WAN, Managed WAN, Enterprise Wifi and Cloud services.

Take a look at our product sheet here to discover how our innovative, converged network delivers all our customers’ digital and connectivity needs as a service that is simple to use.

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