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From virtual servers and storage appliances to wired and wireless networks, ComputerTronic helps customers cut through the complexity of securing today’s hybrid IT infrastructures.

Our Infrastructure Security Services provide the protection that organisations need to safeguard availability and increase agility. We prevent. We detect. We defend. And we respond.

Virtual server to the operating system, we are constantly expanding our infrastructure security capabilities to address emerging threats before they impact the business and its users.

By transforming existing infrastructures, optimising security tools and deploying next-generation defences, we support the mobilisation of the workforce and the digitalisation of the business.
We provide a suite of managed security services that safeguard business continuity and compliance. We maintain firewalls. We monitor network traffic. And we manage events.

Security Services

Cyber security assessment.

Through the Cyber Security Assessment (CSA) ComputerTronic will deliver a personalised security report, highlighting potential areas for improvement in network security, endpoint security, data security and security control and management.

Endpoint security.

Managed Security Equipment – operation off security equipment, e.g. config admin, service support and fix. Consultancy Services – helping customers with expert analysis and service recommendations or third line support for certain agreed technologies or services.

Security Management.

The essence of our approach to SECURITY & RISK in two key areas to help our customer reap the digital revolutions through our services in Information Security Management Systems.


We can give the organisations the ability to control, restrict, monitor, and protect resources availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

Simple and Secure

Data Protection Solution

Factors such as digitisation, consumerisation and mobility are all impacting the volume, variety and location of data.


Delivering end-to-end information enablement, we design, build, test and deliver Analytic Ready Infrastructure identifying the best approach and most appropriate technology to customer requirements.

Financial Services

Increased competition, heightened customer expectations, regulatory pressures, and cyber security concerns mean the traditional approaches to your business no longer guarantee success.

We are here to help your business.