Security Management

Safeguarding business continuity and user productivity.

Greater Information Integrity and Safeguard revenue.

In reality, organisations have many other things to do than practice security. Businesses exist to make money. Most nonprofit organisations exist to offer some type of service, as in charities, educational centres, and religious entities. None of them exist specifically to deploy and maintain firewalls, intrusion detection systems, identity management technologies, and encryption devices.

No business really wants to develop hundreds of security policies, deploy antimalware products, maintain vulnerability management systems, constantly update its incident response capabilities, and have to comply with the alphabet soup of security laws, regulations, and standards.

Company funds are being secretly siphoned off through complex and hard-to-identify digital methods, commonly by organised criminal rings in different countries.

Our Information Security Management helps customers ensure their use of cloud resources is compliant with government regulations and industry standards, such as PCI DSS and ISO27000.

But those simpler days are long gone. Now organisations are faced with attackers who want to steal businesses customer data to carry out identity theft and banking fraud. Company secrets are commonly being stolen by internal and external entities for economic espionage purposes. Systems are being hijacked and used within botnets to attack other organisations or to spread spam.

At ComputerTronic we can help you build that future of great things “TRUST” through disciplines that are necessary for organisations to practice security in a holistic manner. Each organisation must develop an enterprise wide security program that consists of technologies, procedures, and processes used by industry and best practice.

The essence of our approach to SECURITY & RISK in two key areas to help our customer reap the digital revolutions through our services in Information Security Management Systems is the different kinds of approach organisations can define of their turning point in this digital evolutions.

Where to next?

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Financial Services 🏢

Increased competition, heightened customer expectations, regulatory pressures, and cyber security concerns mean the traditional approaches to your business no longer guarantee success.

User Centric 💻

Whisper it quietly, but technology is constantly evolving too and is already playing a crucial role in helping retailers navigate whatever challenges are thrown at the industry. And you know, technology might just be the new black!

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