Identity & Access Management

Keep Information in and Threats out

Identity and Access Management is a cornerstone of information security when it comes to controlling how resources are accessed so they can be protected from unauthorised modification or disclosure.

The controls that enforce access control can be technical, physical, or administrative in nature. These controls need to be integrated into policy-based documentation, software and technology, network design, and physical security components.

Here at ComputerTronic we bring the world class Identity and Access Managements tools/solutions to enhance your security of the most precious gems of your business secrets to protect ultimately impacting the bottom line revenue.

Access is one of the most exploited aspects of security because it is the gateway that leads to critical assets. Access controls need to be applied in a layered defense-in-depth method, and an understanding of how these controls are exploited is extremely important for any business. Here at ComputerTronic we know the steps of exploitation to support our customers’ security.

Access controls are security features that control how users and systems communicate and interact with other systems and resources that operate your core business/services. We at ComputerTronic can help you protect the systems and resources from unauthorised access.

Access control is a broad term that covers several different types of mechanisms that enforce access control features on computer systems, networks, and information. Access control is extremely important because it is one of the first lines of defense in battling unauthorised access to systems and network resources.

ComputerTronic can help you transform your Identity and Access Management requirements and help you build the fundamental pillars. We can give the organisations the ability to control, restrict, monitor, and protect resources availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

From evaluating and deploying new tools to administering identities and managing changes, we help balance user productivity with data security.

Workforce Identity

Single Sign-In

The world has changed, agility is now required check our modern SSO solutions


Secure access for your workforce because 81% of breaches involved weka or stolen credentials.


One place to manage all your users, groups and devices, master it from any number of sources.

Lifecycle Management

Automate all lifecycle with our IAM solutions for business and all user.

Customer Identity


Embed secure login and single sign-on for any applications.


Control which apps and APIs have access to through policy enforced.

User Management

Add user sign up to your cooperate apps and manage identities at scale.

Access Gateway

Embed modern authentication into web apps - without changes.

Platform Services


Workflows can help you automate identity cerntric processes.


Directory services secure users and attributes at scale.


Collect devices identity and contextualise use of access decisions.


Insight aggregates, analyzes and disseminates data from your business.

We are here to help your business.