Multi Access Endpoint

Your devices and your documents protected.

Protect your business from real time threats.

Safeguard your data and devices safe from virus, spam, malware and identity theft. Get the assurance you require in this modern world of business to secure your documents and business data safe.

Our multi vendor solutions covers all types of devices, not only just your desktop PCs or Macs that are protected, but also your laptops, smartphone and tablets.

Professional Services - Need an extra hand? We’ve got you covered. From deployments, to configuration changes, we are here to make it easy for you.

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Why choose our Endpoint solutions?

  •  Anti-virus. Technology enables you to protect your extended data against malware, botnets, spyware and identity theft. Blocking unknown and dangerous emails and numbers on your phone.

  • Threat adversaries are becoming more wild through advanced technique and methods into connected world. But with our solutions offering with leading providers to secure your business.

  • Protect devices on the move remotely to keep your workforce secure, ability to remotely lock or wipe them clean. Protecting your people and business.

  • Our vendor solutions allows you the flexibility with features just required to manage your risk, by allowing secure workability and protected.

  • Ability to manage your users devices and give them the functionality required to be more productive with single sign on capabilities also.

  • Just the right support and flexibility lets you change your apps and growing business model you require. Get the support you wherever you need us.

Multi vendor products

Keeping your world secure online with our wide range of solutions available in the market.

What Endpoint solution is right for you?

Perfect for all sizes

Perfect for all sizes of the businesses. We can support you and navigate to direct you with the best practice solutions adopted and successfully deliver the valued results to your investment. Simple and cost effective way to protect all your remote workforce.

Manage your risk

It’s the people that requires protecting that runs your ultimate business. The researches along with government entity estimates that security attacks can cost any businesses.

Want flexible cost?

Pick the right price and package required to tailor to your business requirements, budgeting the just the right cost model. Just simple subscriptions models.

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