Keeping you and your people safe

Your networks, devices and your business critical data secured on demand.

We can help keep your data and devices safe from, virus, spam, malware and ifentity theft. We also help you put secure, flexible working at the heart of your organisations. For us, all the connected parts of your infrustructure need to be secure.

The traditional approach to cyber security is not enough to defend against today’s cyber threats and the risks associated with them.

A change needs to be made. ComputerTronic assists organisations with the transformations necessary to align the IT security function alongside other business goals and objectives.

We do all this while significantly reducing the cost and complexity which has become the new norm in the Information Technology industry.

And it’s a win-win.

Win-win. We get it. You see the word “free” and you think to yourself: “They must be getting something out of it”. We are…and we’re up-front about it.
It’s a win for us because we get exposure to the pain points which organisations face, which in turn allows us to construct the most effective solutions.

It’s a win for you because you get a health-check, which could potentially save your organisation in data breaches from cyber-threats and reputational damages.

Through the Cyber Security Assessment (CSA) ComputerTronic will deliver a personalised security report, highlighting potential areas for improvement in network security, endpoint security, data security and security control and management.

Be confident in a connected world

Protect your network and work securely anywhere.

Securing your network

Today, threats are unknown and evolving. There are multiple entry points to your organisations. Ct can protect your network and monitor and respond to ever changing threat landscape.

Securing your people

Home worker. Team of workers. Or just work on the move. Mobile working gives you the flexibiolity to achieve more. We can help protect your people and your business critical data

Securing your business

Your digital presence, or digital identity, is made up of many if your organisations key assets. Protecting your business from zero day threat is vital.

Keep your data secure Our soultions are ISO 27001 compliant
Get help when you need it UK based teams with expertise you need
Cut the complexity Reduce multipel suppliers with a single aggrement

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