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Collaboration made easy

ComputerTronic can provide workspaces, web conferencing and document management systems to our customers extranet and social networking.

ComputerTronic’s enterprise Collaboration solutions enable our customers users to work faster and smarter in today’s dynamic digital workplace.

We can provide access to the right information in the right format at the right time, so organisations can bring together shared knowledge and capabilities to achieve more growth. Ultimately we offer seamless consumer experience that can improve their efficiency and enable our customers to take faster decision making.

We at ComputerTronic take an outcome based approach to our collaboration solutions that can deliver on-premise, off-premise or even in the cloud. Our work-style assessment, automated deployment processes and training capabilities to simplify the selection of the best-fit-for-purpose solutions to help you accelerate and implement user adoptions.

We help you from sourcing and configuring the technologies that are best fit for your business to help you manage your security and helping you deliver the right user support with consistency. We can help you integrate your workflows and document sharing systems and also help migrate data.

Comprehensive security solutions for collaboration are available at ComputerTronic, we help you simplify your identity requirements and access management and digital rights management to help you safeguard your data and regulatory compliance.

By working with ComputerTronic we can help our customers to connect with those dispersed teams. Enhance your user productivity for them to rethink the workplace for the digital age

Tools to work smarter

Microsoft Teams

Simplify the way you’re people communicate with each other. Collaboration that helps to share information easily to stay ahead of the curve.

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Complete communication package, telephony, conferencing, IM, collaborations and contact centre, all from a single trusted provider.

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Google workspace

Docs, Calendar and more for your business. Business-grade security, Shared Drives, Access online & offline, Calendar sharing and email.

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Give your people tools to collaborate securely from anywhere.

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Stay connected and online with reliable connectivity and solutions.

All together

Easy conference calls on the move with our vendor solutions.

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You can download our collaboration solution whitepaper here.

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