Client Computing

Maximise workplace productivity with Devices, Platforms and Applications.

Client computing

We help organisations maximise productivity by bringing together the right devices, platforms, applications and user services for an evolving modern Workplace.  Our client computing solutions enable organisations to be more collaborative, productive and agile in this ever-changing landscape.

ComputerTronic works with clients to carefully qualify and bring together the best devices, platforms, applications and services to fit an evolving and modern workplace. With ComputerTronic’s support, organisations can now access reliable workspace hardware and software, alongside responsive support, accelerating digitalisation strategies all the while reducing costs.

We also give the power back to the user with a host of support options, to ensure that users receive the support when and where they need it, independent of location or work style, across the entire product lifestyle:

  • Sourcing and Deploying Hardware & Software
  • Desk-Side Support Teams
  • Global Service Desk Support
  • Self-Service Support Options
  • Remarketing & Recycling End-Of-Life Hardware & Software Kits

Meet the Thin Client solutions

Security meets value

Our solution of Thin Client from multi vendor can help you achieve powerful performance at an affordable price point. Plus, with a wide variety of business applications it’s excellent at both the office and at home.

Versatile to span your business

Perform any job with powerful desktops built for your people with demanding virtual apps. We can help you source the very best solutions that is just right for your organisations, which is tailored to your requirements.

Virtual desktop experience

IT can deploy, manage and maintain a scalable fleet of thin clients simultaneously and remotely from a single console. We have just the solutions that is right for you through our marketplace vendors which are best of breed solutions.

Operating systems that offer you control

Time has changed

End-to-End security starts at the endpoint.

Designed with security in mind with limited attack surface, support for security compliance standards and advanced multi-factor authentication solutions.

Zero to productivity instantly.

Gain instant control with our Thin Client Management suite of solutions on Public cloud and experience fast hands free deployment and effortless enterprise management.

Boost the VID productivity.

Designed to make it easier for people to stay productive with support for multiple monitors, in unified communications and risk connectivity.

Configure and manage in the Cloud.

Our Management Suite allows you to simplify the IT effort for thin client configurations, deployment and management both on-premise and from the cloud.

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