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Achieve your goals with tech for smarter ways of working

Working towards a common goal

Achiving a profitable business.

We can help with common business challenges, Like finding smarter ways to work together. Staying secure and complaint. Boosting workforce productivity across your business.

See how our business products and solutions will help you achieve these important business outcomes quickly and cost-effectively.

Digital guru by your side.

As your business expands, Digital guru can help your team, and your tech, keep up with latest solutions.

We’ll work with you to understand how, where and when you want your team to work. And we’ll be with you every step of the way, to make sure things are done quickly, and right.

Flexible solutions available for your growing business. Looking for smart modern ways to deliver your services and give you an edge over completion. Strive to become a more digital operational. We are here to support you at all stages.

Meet our digital guru

Your adventage when working with us 📈

  • Working with us, you’re never alone. If your business have multiple connections, you’ll get your own Digital Guru - an expert in finding the right tools and tech to boost your growth.

  • Our mission is to help enterprises and businesses establish themselves with online presence by giving them the edge required in this new norm, we provide platforms and provide the infrastructure backed by accredited vendors with partner programs to achieve the bottom line business growth for our customers.

  • ComputerTronic is placed in the right place with the right time to provide services to our customers that is required in this ever competitive world.

  • The cloud offers the scale and speed needed for business transformation, with a clear impact on the role of the IT and the technology within enterprises. At ComputerTropnic we are Transformational not just Transactional.

  • Reduce the complexity associated with IT infrastructure, Networking, Cyber Security through our solutions. Improve Business growth while still lowering costs to consume services to achieve greater shares of market for your business.

  • ComputerTronic is all about Automation & Orchestration in Network Security tasks and controls to simplify management for Information Technology to grow online presence and ultimately driving revenue for your business.

For all your latest tech innovations, it’s still people that drive your business success ultimately.

We work with you and your people to understand what you want, and what makes you grow. Only then do we advise on the right solutions – going beyond traditional to open up new possibilities.

Wherever you are in the office, remote office or working from home, we can help you keep going and stay connected with productivity solutions and tools. And it works all safely thanks to our end-to-end security solutions.

We define the future, collaborate and innovate with effortless connectivity, using solutions build for the always on world. 🌐

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